Launch Update for BlackSky Global-1 and Global-2

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Globals are ready to go!

The BlackSky constellation is taking shape. We’re very excited for our first two Global satellites to be on orbit by the end of the month. Global-2 will be first, heading to orbit aboard the Spaceflight SSO-A Smallsat Express mission on a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base. It will be quickly followed by Global-1, which will be launching on the PSLV C43 mission out of India.

These satellites in conjunction with our geospatial platform and ground architecture will be the nucleus of our commercial offering that will be available 2019. These satellites will enable the game-changing global intelligence platform that is going to change how our customers do business. The platform will allow timely, relevant and actionable data, so our customers can make better decisions, faster. The platform is based on timeliness and we have built a new cloud-based constellation orchestration system to task and communicate with the Globals.

Looking ahead to 2019, Global 3 and 4 are scheduled to take flight in QU1. Global-3 will be aboard another PSLV and Rocket Lab is taking Global-4 on one of their Electron rockets. We can’t wait for these launches – stay tuned as we bring our vision to fruition.

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