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by | Jun 15, 2020

Black lives matter: a message from BlackSky ceo brian o’toole

As a people-first company we categorically condemn racism and discrimination. We are at a moment that goes beyond empathy. This moment requires that we acknowledge and deeply understand the realities that exist for every individual and their communities. We must embrace the challenge of contributing to real, enduring, and impactful change to confront systemic inequality.

To ensure we are driving toward meaningful results, we are taking significant steps to listen, learn, and obtain insights that will contribute to positive change in diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is something I am committed to and believe that BlackSky can play a role in creating a more equitable and opportunistic world for everyone.

I ask that we continue to support each other as we navigate through these difficult times and consider how each one of us can make a commitment to Change that Matters Most.

BlackSky will change. We will play a part in creating a better world. We can and will do better.