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by | Apr 20, 2017

BlackSky alert – new renewable energy plants in japan and australia

I’ve been using BlackSky to notify me of activity around facilities in the renewable energy sector worldwide, especially new construction starts or recently completed plants.

For example, yesterday morning I received a couple BlackSky Energy alerts – the first notified me that a new solar plant has been completed in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan (screenshot below).


The new plant is called the “Hishida Solar Way” and will generate about 2.7MW of electricity. That’s relatively small, but it’s part of a renewable energy building boom by the Japan Asia Group’s Energy division. Note the sources associated with this alert – an industry blog called “Solar Power Plant Business”, a Tweet from an industry observer, and a press release from JAG Energy in Japan. Not exactly mainstream media, but a good example of the broad variety of sources that we have feeding into BlackSky every hour to generate a range of thematic alerts like Energy, Conflict, Refugee, and Outbreak.


On to Australia…

The second BlackSky Energy notification alerted me of the completion of Australia’s new Ararat Wind Farm. This wind farm is a monster, with an expected output of 240MW!  Note the before/after imagery comparisons – the time delta between these two shots is about twelve months.




That’s powerful.