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by | Aug 29, 2022

BlackSky and airbus: strengthening our dynamic monitoring capabilities with sar imagery

As BlackSky continues to grow, we continue to welcome new partnerships to further the capabilities of our real-time geospatial intelligence solutions.

We recently signed a reseller partnership with Airbus, which gives BlackSky customers access to 23 different tasking and archive imagery products. This includes multiple types of very high-resolution electro-optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery.

What’s in it for our customers?

We’re giving our customers access to all-weather, day and night, and very high-resolution satellite imagery from Airbus into BlackSky Spectra AI tasking and analytics platform.

And get this – It’s our largest SAR imagery integration to date!

“We live in a world where just-in-time information shapes critical decisions, from national security to supply chains to economic intelligence,” says BlackSky CEO Brian E. O’Toole. “This partnership with Airbus gives BlackSky customers the advantage of additional 24/7, all-weather monitoring to our already powerful rapid-revisit, dawn-to-dusk monitoring capabilities.”

Why is this important?

A critical aspect of the partnership is that it integrates SAR imagery into BlackSky Spectra AI platform. Previously, we had only offered SAR imagery on a case-by-case,project basis. Our Airbus partnership now provides our customers with access to some Airbus’  most popular offerings, such as very high-resolution optical imagery from Pléiades Neo (30 cm) and Pléiades (50cm); OneAtlas Basemap; and SAR imagery and digital elevation models from WorldDEM Neo and WorldDEM.

The BlackSky/Airbus partnership is another exciting manifestation of how we’re transforming the way organizations and industries monitor change. By providing on-demand, high-frequency monitoring of the world’s most strategic and critical activities, locations, and economic assets, our AI-enabled satellites and software are collecting the most important information our customers require.

What’s in it for BlackSky?

Our partnership with Airbus expands the number of customer monitoring needs we can solve and use cases we can address.. As  Brian stated, “The geospatial industry is transitioning from static mapping to dynamic monitoring, and BlackSky is leading the way. Our customers want site-specific, on-demand, actionable intelligence and our Airbus partnership helps attain that goal.”

With new world-class partnerships, BlackSky enables our customers to be The First to Know.