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by | Nov 21, 2023

BlackSky Brings Space-Based Innovation to The Dubai Airshow

BlackSky SVP of Marketing Lyn Chassagne speaking on “Case Studies: Downstream Applications” at the Dubai Airshow 2023.


When dealing with matters of national security and economic uncertainty, decision makers require a new way to see, understand and anticipate change. BlackSky meets this challenge by taking a smarter approach to space, offering dynamic monitoring capabilities that take advantage of the latest advances in Artificial intelligence (AI).  

Senior Vice President of Marketing Lyn Chassagne shared how one ministry of defense customer is taking advantage of BlackSky’s game changing monitoring solutions during the “Case Studies: Downstream Applications” session at the Dubai Airshow last week, where she covered a couple major concepts.  


Space-Based Dynamic Monitoring: A New Paradigm 

Data from Earth Observation (EO) satellites has traditionally been used for static mapping applications. BlackSky turned this model on its head, Lyn explained, by offering one MoD customer higher-value dynamic monitoring capabilities that focus on time-sensitive changes or anomalies that add real-time value to operations as they happen.  

“Unlike traditional imagery approaches, ours is designed for monitoring,” Lyn stated. BlackSky eschews traditional models, using space-based assets to help customers see, understand and anticipate change for a decisive strategic advantage to the tactical edge.  

“A satellite passes over this very building approximately every hour,” Lyn said putting the concept of dynamic monitoring into context for the airshow. “We have been taking images of the show and updating the collection as we speak.”  

BlackSky’s satellites fly in unconventional, inclined orbits and with automated systems built in, customers experience low-latency tasking and collection-to-delivery timelines of under 90 minutes. This makes time-diverse imagery and analytics up to 15 times per day possible, which is a new paradigm for EO. 


Baked-in Artificial Intelligence Enabling Tactical ISR 

“Artificial intelligence is important for the future of earth observation,” Lyn explained. “AI is embedded across the entire architecture of BlackSky’s Spectra®” – a first-of-its-kind commercial platform that provides dynamic full-spectrum monitoring from space at industry-leading speeds, frequency, and economics. Fusing data from BlackSky’s constellation and from other third-party sensors, customers get access to the critical insights and analytics they require, at scale.  

BlackSky customers can see, understand and anticipate change for a decisive strategic advantage to the tactical edge, and act not just fast, but first. “If you’re going to generate useful intelligence while the mission is happening, AI has to be part of the conversation.”  

This AI-enabled intelligence can be pushed to the farthest corners of the battlefield, as BlackSky can provide data and insight on a tactical timeline. This allows us to operate the world’s most advanced commercial tactical Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system – providing an unparalleled battlefield advantage to our customers.  


Space innovation emerged for its second year as a major track for the Dubai Airshow agenda, as a whopping $546 billion industry (2023) – growing 8% just in the past year.  

As spectacular as the aerobatic flight demonstrations, the Aerospace 2050 space track case studies provided a fascinating view into how space companies are continually innovating solutions for their most demanding customers. 


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