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by | Apr 20, 2017

BlackSky detects political unrest in venezuela: government takes over gm plant

Within the BlackSky platform we are able to monitor events worldwide. One of those feeds involves monitoring conflict anomalies around the world. Today there was a spike of conflicts within Venezuela indicated political unrest within the country that even has the potential to topple the current government.


However, detecting events worldwide is only the first step. It is vital to understand how these events impact critical infrastructure and the flow of operations across a country or within businesses to be valued as relevant insights towards a greater actionable information cycle.

This unrest specifically had an impact around what was a GM Plant where the Venezuela government took the plant over. This could just be coincidental timing as the geopolitical situation in the country could just be a good excuse for GM to back out of an unstable situation with their plant as they actually ceased operations there back in 2015.

According to articles describing the situation about the plant the government has moved to take-over many industrial facilities around the country. The political instability could be giving GM a good reason to back out of the country completely rather than contest the take-over.



Situations like this allow us to track conflict around the world but also get notified about the influence of events specific to facilities that effect a global marketplace of products to include car manufacturing as in the current example of GM.

— Adam