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by | Mar 29, 2023

Respond to disasters faster with on-demand satellite imagery

New StoryMap from BlackSky Highlights Key Examples of Disaster Response

Speed is crucial for disaster response. When disasters unfold, the picture on the ground changes rapidly, making it hard for responders to quickly organize teams and send help.

Unfortunately, response teams typically must stay a rescue effort until they confirm where help is most needed and what hazards and obstacles they’ll encounter (such as blocked roads and collapsed bridges). A disaster response plan based on outdated information could delay rescue, stall much-needed supplies, or even put public safety teams in danger. To make matters worse, teams scouting an affected area may unintentionally provide conflicting reports.

Disaster response planning teams need accurate, actionable information as fast as possible after an event. That often means gaining updated imagery of the affected area within just a few hours.

Satellite imagery providers have evolved to meet that challenge in three ways: providing imagery quickly, capturing imagery of hard-to-reach places (such as hazardous zones or rural areas), and monitoring recovery changes in the following months to years.

Read the StoryMap from BlackSky

In the StoryMap, discover how modern satellites help disaster teams respond faster and monitor for recovery. Explore and interact with eight BlackSky satellite images from recent hurricanes, ecological accidents, and earthquakes including the Türkiye/Syria earthquakes in February 2023.

High-resolution imagery, delivered quickly, is a crucial tool for disaster response planning that can improve operational effectiveness and save lives. Check out the StoryMap or contact BlackSky to learn more about on-demand imagery for disaster response planning.