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by | Apr 20, 2017

Introducing BlackSky geospatial solutions

BlackSky Geospatial Solutions enables timely and relevant insights by helping our customers accelerate their business.

We’re living in a world of big data with tremendous opportunities to gain a deeper understanding about our changing world. We now have access to data from an ever-growing variety of information sources, sensors, satellites, news feeds, social media and more.

However for many, the challenge lies in how to best harness these sources to deliver actionable intelligence and awareness for timely and informed decision-making. Beyond just the data, many organizations want to take advantage of the cost and performance benefits of the cloud, but are challenged with migrating, updating, and enhancing their legacy systems and user workflows.

We’re helping organizations solve these challenges with BlackSky Geospatial Solutions. Our professional services team brings industry leading expertise in many areas, including:

  • Geospatial Cloud Services
    We work with commercial and governmental agencies to migrate legacy systems housed in their own IT systems to high performance cloud environments. This is never a matter of just “lift and shift” — our team brings proven tools and methodologies for implementing cloud-first solutions to refactor customer programs, providing the architecture and infrastructure so they can leverage cloud capabilities for scale and growth. Our team of certified AWS architects and experienced software engineers helps customers develop migration strategies, build scalable cloud infrastructures, and implement dev ops and related support capabilities. Our agile development process allows rapid prototyping of new solutions, which results in new systems getting deployed quickly. And, as a trusted AWS Consulting Partner, we understand the importance of data security for our customers’ sensitive information. You can rely on our ability to provide rapid migration and deliver the data security that is critical to day-to-day operations.
  • Geospatial Software Development, Analytics, and Visualization
    BlackSky brings years of expertise in geospatial software development, analytics, and global data visualization to help our customers solve some of the most challenging geospatial intelligence problems. From agriculture to supply chain intelligence, we help our customers accelerate their capabilities by leveraging the power of the cloud, open source technologies, and the latest in geospatial content and platform technologies to meet their unique business needs.
  • Machine Learning and Anticipatory Intelligence
    Get ahead of your competition by employing the power of machine learning and anticipatory intelligence for early identification of risks, threats, and opportunities that will impact your business. Our team of data scientists and analysts apply the latest techniques in machine learning, predictive analytics, and data mining to help our customers get the most out of their data. We can deliver customized monitoring, event feeds, and alerting services that are tuned to your exact business requirements.
  • BlackSky Platform Solutions
    For customers that are interested in services delivered through the BlackSky platform, our team is ready to help integrate our multi-source content, event monitoring and site monitoring services into your operations. Whether it’s integrating our services into your systems or workflows or building custom data feeds, we bring a team experienced systems engineers, data scientists, and engineers who are dedicated to helping deliver solutions tailored to your unique environment.
  • Geospatial Content, Data Collection, and Integration
    We also offer the ability to collect new geospatial data to augment existing customer data. This is unique to BlackSky Geospatial Solutions because we’re able to source, task, and purchase new satellite imagery directly from BlackSky Spectra, rather than just looking at existing inventory. This emphasis on collecting fresh data enhances a customer’s view of a situation. When there is ambiguity or doubt in an area of interest, tasking a satellite to quickly capture new images usually resolves it.

Screenshot of a Terrain Analytics and Intelligence Preparation tool we built for a customer.


Used together, the BlackSky global intelligence service combined with our Geospatial Solutions team help customers gain the highest level of situational awareness that organizations need to make critical decisions.

Whether your organization wants to harness the capabilities of the cloud while utilizing your current systems, needs help analyzing data, or wants to supplement systems with additional geospatial images, BlackSky Geospatial Solutions stands ready to help.

— Brian