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by | May 6, 2020

Knowing is more important than seeing

“Insights delivered by AI/ML are bringing us closer to a global transparency of natural and human activity.”

If you’re thinking of BlackSky, odds are you’re thinking of our global monitoring mission through our pioneering constellation of smallsats. That makes sense. Our Earth observation constellation has completely changed how the world thinks about space as a resource.

We can now put millions of images at our clients’ fingertips in near-real time.

That’s only part of what we do, though. I think of images as one tool in an information toolbelt that’s made up of things like radio frequency, weather, hyperspectral or even radar data.

Then we combine our geospatial information with foundational intel, economic indicators and even IoT feeds and put a level of insights into our customers’ hands that can change their strategy almost instantly.

This is what makes BlackSky a geospatial intelligence firm, rather than just a satellite company.

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning constructs to transform data from many different types of signals and sensors into specific strategic insights.

We do it right now. Within minutes.

Insights delivered by AI/ML are bringing us closer to a global transparency of natural and human activity. We no longer have to repeatedly look at reoccurring images to identify changes or recognize anomalies. AI/ML enable us to automatically identify emergent behaviors.

More importantly, the data we gather from persistent remote sensing and AI/ML analysis enable us to rapidly establish a “pattern of life” baseline. We can recognize the rhythms of activity at construction sites, military bases, or natural disaster locations all over the world.

We also have deep archives of image and sensor data of the most important locations on earth.

Combine those with BlackSky’s automated AI/ML platform and now we can get predictive.

Our application of AI/ML goes far beyond finding bad actors or understanding global emergencies. When you think about the vast amount of information we’re capable of capturing, analyzing and summarizing, the real-world applications are almost unlimited.

With our unique AI/ML platform, BlackSky is able to make strategic sense of what could be an unmanageable tidal wave of geospatial data. I like to think that we create a tapestry of knowledge for our clients. We make sure they’re the “first to know” about the changes and events that matter to them most.

We’re very proud of that.