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It’s here! Introducing the BlackSky Global Intelligence Platform

It’s clear. We are in the middle of a geospatial revolution. From the earliest explorers until about 10 years ago, we relied on paper maps to navigate the world. They were detailed, but static…and impossible to fold. Then, Google Earth came on the scene in 2005, and suddenly we could scroll into every corner of … Continued

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Satellite Eye Candy from Pathfinder-1

Our Pathfinder-1 satellite continues to dazzle us – we’re getting gorgeous daily images, and couldn’t wait to share. Here are just a couple more and some thoughts on the insights they can provide.  Coastline in Australia: The coast north of Adelaide Australia is experiencing extensive erosion of its fragile, low-lying saltmarsh, called the Samphire Coast. The … Continued

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Your World Now: Proving the Power of the Architecture

It’s been over three weeks since we launched Pathfinder-1, and by all accounts the mission has been a great success. The satellite and ground station operations have been rock solid, meeting our every expectation (more here on that.) In addition, we have moved into imaging mode and are calibrating the various spacecraft sensors. A core … Continued

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