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Everything You Need to Know about Pathfinder

Nick Merski is the Constellation Program Manager for BlackSky, working to launch the planned 60-satellite constellation. The first two microsats, Pathfinder 1 and 2, will be launched into sun synchronous orbits, with the first launch later this month. They’ll pave the way for the full constellation that will deliver high resolution satellite imaging at an … Continued

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Pathfinder Begins its Journey

Pathfinder is off! It’s packed up and headed to India. Here, we’d like to share a few details on how we pack for transport and some of the precautions and things we do to keep everything perfect while in transit. Looking around Spaceflight Industries this week, employees notice that our main “show-and-tell” exhibit is missing: … Continued

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BlackSky Illuminates Global Awareness

This article first appeared in SatMagazine in May 2016. On August 14, 1959, the Explorer 6 satellite captured the first satellite images of the Earth. “When the first images appeared, people would talk about the folds in the Appalachian Mountains,” recalled James Irons, a veteran scientist at the Earth Sciences Division at NASA’s Goddard Space … Continued

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