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Anatomy of an Alert: How BlackSky Monitors Events

We are constantly monitoring events around the world with BlackSky. Let’s look at one event in particular to see how we construct a BlackSky Alert for a customer. Anatomy of an Alert – Attack on Chinese-funded projects in Gwadar, Pakistan In the first view (below), we’ve asked BlackSky Events to show all the events worldwide in the … Continued

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BlackSky Alerts – Outbreaks

In addition to tracking events related to Conflicts, Refugees, Energy, and Natural Disasters, the BlackSky Platform can also be used to alert on events related to Public Health – specifically disease outbreaks that register as anomalies in our system.  Here’s some examples of currently active BlackSky Outbreak alerts: Measles Outbreak in Minneapolis – Somali immigrant … Continued

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Introducing BlackSky Geospatial Solutions

BlackSky Geospatial Solutions enables timely and relevant insights by helping our customers accelerate their business. We’re living in a world of big data with tremendous opportunities to gain a deeper understanding about our changing world. We now have access to data from an ever-growing variety of information sources, sensors, satellites, news feeds, social media and … Continued

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