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BlackSky Alert – New Renewable Energy Plants in Japan and Australia

I’ve been using BlackSky to notify me of activity around facilities in the renewable energy sector worldwide, especially new construction starts or recently completed plants. For example, yesterday morning I received a couple BlackSky Energy alerts – the first notified me that a new solar plant has been completed in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan … Continued

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KOMPSAT Satellites Now Featured in BlackSky

KOMPSAT satellites now available for tasking The value of BlackSky continues to increase and evolve as we add more sensor data to the online service. We recently added new satellites from the KOMPSAT family to our virtual, federated constellation.      What is KOMPSAT? KOMPSAT (Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite) program* is a family of satellites built … Continued

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BlackSky Monitors Volcanic Eruption in Kamchatka

Kambalny Volcano on Kamchatka Peninsula Erupts: BlackSky Platform Monitors Changes Satellite imagery is crucially important for responding to crisis events like natural disasters. While we usually focus on high-resolution imagery for monitoring crises, the BlackSky platform also gives us access to “low-medium” resolution sensors like Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2. These multispectral sensors can be useful for crisis … Continued

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Introducing BlackSky Spectra

BlackSky is the first geospatial service to combine multi-sensor imagery with timely and relevant data feeds and analytical services to enhance your understanding of the world as events happen. Today, we’re excited to announce BlackSky Spectra — our on-demand imagery service. This new name better reflects how the service uniquely enables you to look at … Continued

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