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BlackSky working with AWS and Amazon Ground Station

BlackSky is thrilled to work with AWS as we bring our commercial offering to the public in early 2019. The BlackSky Global intelligence platform relies on our emerging constellation and our ground architecture to deliver timely, relevant and actionable data. The addition of the Amazon Ground Station to our ecosystem is a win-win for us … Continued

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Launch Update for BlackSky Global-1 and Global-2

  Globals are ready to go! The BlackSky constellation is taking shape. We’re very excited for our first two Global satellites to be on orbit by the end of the month. Global-2 will be first, heading to orbit aboard the Spaceflight SSO-A Smallsat Express mission on a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base. … Continued

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Cloud-based constellation orchestration with BlackSky

  Since the launch of Pathfinder-1 two years ago, the BlackSky ground and control team has been working on Gemini, our name for our internal next-generation cloud-based constellation orchestration system. We’ve taken operator interactions with our first demonstration satellite Pathfinder-1 combined with lessons learned from our first-generation software and redesigned the system from the ground-up … Continued

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BlackSky: Designed Around Timeliness  

At BlackSky, the timeliness of satellite imagery is a cornerstone of our business proposition. We drove timeliness directly into the design of every aspect of our system, and we place such value on it that we built Gemini, our in-house designed and implemented constellation orchestration solution, to do the planning and tasking faster and more … Continued

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