• Helen Webb

    “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to expand my working knowledge by exploring new challenges every day at BlackSky. The dedication our collaborative teams have towards producing positive, impactful outcomes for our customers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance makes BlackSky the place to be!”

    Helen Webb
    Associate Designer, UI
  • Helena Dite

    “I like working at BlackSky for so many reasons, primarily the people make the experience a great one. My colleagues are dynamic, friendly, fun, and collaborative. I appreciate and grow immensely working alongside my co-workers, led by a strong and approachable leadership. I also feel lucky that BlackSky offers me for the first time in my career, actual flexibility that gives me a genuine work life balance. The company helps me thrive every day with no two days the same.”

    Helena Dite
    Solutions Engineer, MENA
  • Andrew Steen

    “BlackSky to me will always be a great place to work if you appreciate working with a team that punches well above its weight in just about every way. Never a dull day, never a shortage of fascinating projects to work on, always opportunity for eager and likeminded people to make positive impact at a global scale.”

    Andrew Steen
    Sr Engineer, Constellation Operations
  • Lynsey Schroeder

    “There are so many things that I love about working at BlackSky, but a big one is the culture. My job never feels like work. I get to be involved in super cool projects along with really fun and talented people, and I always feel like my contributions are valued and appreciated.”

    Lynsey Schroeder
    Sr Engineer, Constellation Systems
  • Victor Rice

    “Working on the Constellation Operations team allows me to make decisions that are consequential to preserving the health and productivity of our satellites, something that I derive a great deal of satisfaction from.”

    Victor Rice
    Sr Engineer, Constellation Operations
  • Anika Palmer

    “As the Director of Business Systems at BlackSky, I take great pride in leading a team that fosters innovation through collaboration. Every day presents new challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable.”

    Anika Palmer
    Director, Business Systems
  • Zhenya Frolov

    “The folks at Blacksky are the most driven, keen, and collaborative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s a joy to see and interact with them while we tackle complex problems and learn together. The selfsame people and the problem space (HAH!) make Blacksky an incredibly motivating organization to be a part of. I love it!”

    Zhenya Frolov
    Sr SW Engineer, Backend Services
  • Alexandria Albright

    “At BlackSky, our employees are the heart of everything we do. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team, surrounded by passionate and talented individuals who inspire me every day. I’m proud to be a part of a company that values its people above all else and that is committed to making a positive impact in the world.”

    Alexandria Albright
    Technical Recruiter
  • Dani Henry

    “I love working at BlackSky because every day brings new and unique challenges that push me to adapt and grow as a geospatial professional.”

    Dani Henry
    Sr Geospatial Analyst
  • Bill Cimino

    “I joined BlackSky to be a part of the team making real-time, space-based GEOINT a reality. I’ve dedicated my entire working career to helping Customers achieve business/mission success. At BlackSky, I can continue this Customer-focus in spades.”

    Bill Cimino
    Sr Director, Intelligence Solutions
  • Hannah Nyberg

    “I love working at BlackSky because we provide opportunities for tremendous professional growth and global impact while getting to work alongside some of the brightest and most passionate people in the industry. Not to mention all the cool swag!”

    Hannah Nyberg
    Manager, People & Culture
  • Diego Torrejon

    “I enjoy working at BlackSky because I get to tackle challenging geospatial problems with cutting-edge technology.”

    Diego Torrejon
    Principal Engineer, Computer Vision
  • Jeff Thoben

    “I joined BlackSky to be part of a unique and dedicated team building a preeminent space business, which I do every day with great colleagues”.

    Jeff Thoben
    Senior Director, Corporate Development
  • Dana Sherman

    “I love getting the chance to manage projects that tackle complex remote-sensing problems. Our team is driving research and development efforts that are shaping what image-based intelligence means to customers.”

    Dana Sherman
    Sr Program Manager, ISR Programs
  • Ka Wang Yee

    “I love working at BlackSky because I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. I’m humbled every day by some of the smartest people on Earth.”

    Ka Wang Yee
    Sr Manager, SW Development
  • Pauly Cabellon

    “Working at the front-edge of space technology, national security and humanitarian response alongside some of the most talented and kind people on the planet. That’s what it’s like to work at BlackSky.”

    Pauly Cabellon
    Director, External Communications
  • Nancy Thomas

    “I joined BlackSky to solve challenging remote sensing problems that enable global insight for our customers. Our team is what makes BlackSky special!”

    Nancy Thomas
    Director, Image Processing & Software
  • Joe Hines

    “I have never before been part of a company with teammates and management this talented, who always act ethically, and who foster a welcoming and friendly community within the company as well.”

    Joe Hines
    Manager, Enterprise Services & Test
  • Jason Curtis

    “Blacksky is the right place for me because I love living and working in Virginia, and I whole-heartedly agree with the company’s forward stance on justice and support for all.”

    Jason Curtis
    USG Program Integrator
  • Nick Sekula

    “This job gives me the flexibility to make sure I am spending quality time with my family. I never feel like I am underappreciated!”

    Nick Sekula
    Sr. Administrator, System
  • Kathy Castillo-Santos

    “A previous boss invited me to join her at BlackSky. We are encouraged to always look for ways to improve. My colleagues are amazing: caring, understanding, appreciative, collaborative, smart…”

    Kathy Castillo-Santos
    Sr. Manager, Accounting
  • Tiffanie Bailey

    “Our Finance team is a close knit bonded family and we work very well together. Finance can be highly stressful, but our team somehow still makes it fun to work together, even virtually.”

    Tiffanie Bailey
    Sr. A/P Specialist
  • Bernie Yoo

    “I’m excited to help shape the revolution in AI-aided insights through responsive space imaging. I enjoy the challenge of coordinating the activities. When it all comes together, it’s like music from a well-played violin!”

    Bernie Yoo
    Engineering Fellow, Constellation M&A
  • Nic Gaudio

    “Every day there are new problems to solve and challenges to tackle. Never before have I worked somewhere where an individual can have such a large impact, and where a team is so inexorably driven towards a common goal.”

    Nic Gaudio
    Lead Engineer, Constellation Sustainment
  • Torey Alford

    “I find numerous parallels between climbing and BlackSky. In both, I am often faced with challenges in which I’m able to use creative problem solving techniques (either individually or collaboratively) to accomplish desired outcomes.”

    Torey Alford
    Lead Engineer, Imagery Data and Software
  • Brian Poteat

    “I love working at BlackSky because I get to work on really cool technology with coworkers whom I truly believe to be among the best at what they do.”

    Brian Poteat
    Sr. Manager, Platform Services
  • Rick James

    “I chose to join BlackSky because I loved the idea of working for a groundbreaking company. Every day is something different and these are constant reminders of how we are innovators in commercial satellite imagery.”

    Rick James
    Director, IT
  • Ian Jonesi

    “What I love most about BlackSky is the atmosphere. We have such a talented and fun team here. Oh, and tasking satellites is cool too!”

    Ian Jonesi
    Senior Customer Service Representative
  • Matthew Dykstra

    “I chose to join the BlackSky team because I saw so much potential for changing how we use imagery and geospatial information, and I wanted to be a part of bringing that change to life.”

    Matthew Dykstra
    Director, Geospatial Analysis
  • Keith Rawson

    “I’ve been involved in many exciting projects such as supporting the launch of new satellites. The challenge and learning experience that BlackSky provides each day keeps me excited to work here!”

    Keith Rawson
    Software Development Engineer
  • James Price

    “One of the things I love most about working at BlackSky is having the opportunity to work with an extremely talented group of individuals who are all passionate about what they do.”

    James Price
    Manager of Platform Site Reliability Engineering
  • Mike Tomaszeski

    “I left my previous company after 14 years because BlackSky was on the front end of new space. My career focuses on customers needing critical data to make decisions… BlackSky is an exciting fit.”

    Mike Tomaszeski
    Senior Director, Account Management
  • Edward Kane

    “I joined BlackSky because I was inspired by the people I met from the very start. They made me feel like I was family. I felt supported, engaged and valued by all levels of the organization.”

    Edward Kane
    Manager, Program Infrastructure
  • Ethan Dederick

    “Blacksky drew me in with its promise of pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo of the space industry, and working alongside professionals with a drive to get it all done.”

    Ethan Dederick
    Sr. Engineer, Image Processing
  • Nick Geraci

    “BlackSky is at the cutting edge of geospatial intelligence and space operations. We use our technical skills and architectural knowledge to get creative and drive improvements with autonomy and full support from leadership.”

    Nick Geraci
    Director, Constellation Engineering