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by | Apr 22, 2020

Supporting the intelligence mission with spectra on-demand secure bundle: q&a with scott herman, chief technology officer

BlackSky has announced its new Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle to support remote work options for intelligence analysts. The new Spectra solution allows analysts to securely share unclassified information and includes the ability to review multi-source data feeds, obtain timely access to satellite imagery and gain resources for event analysis. CTO Scott Herman shares more about this important release and its impact.

What Brought About the Release of the Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle?

Intelligence organizations have a charter to monitor the world and warn policymakers about potential crises. Normally, this work is done 24×7 in secure facilities with access to exotic surveillance sources and specialized information distribution systems. Yet with the COVID-19 pandemic, much of this normally sequestered workforce has been sent home. That begs the question, “Who’s watching the world if the watchmen are all isolated in their basements?” The Spectra On-Demand Secure Bundle was an opportunity to support the intelligence mission with a secure solution that kept analysts moving forward in their work. Our customers expect to be the first to know about what’s important to them. We’re keeping that promise.

What’s so Unique About This Offering?

BlackSky specializes in Global Monitoring using unclassified sources of information – like commercial remote sensors in outer space and publicly available information derived from “open source” methods. BlackSky’s Global Monitoring solutions can provide intelligence organizations with a worthy surrogate set of tools and analysis to keep the stay-at-home workforce effective in watching the world. Analysts can use the BlackSky platform to monitor world events, task our satellites, order current imagery worldwide, and analyze this vast data quickly to produce intelligence reports. BlackSky has a heritage in working with intelligence organizations. We are ensuring our tools are also available at home and via the Internet; an awesome contingency for analysts forced to work offsite.

How are you Seeing Your Customers Respond?

It’s fair to say that BlackSky’s Global Monitoring capabilities are already playing a crucial role supporting the redistributed workforces of U.S. agencies. Immediately available via an online subscription, additional U.S. and Allied organizations can quickly take advantage of BlackSky’s Global Monitoring services while they address the disruptions caused to their operations by this pandemic crisis.