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by | Aug 23, 2022

4 key takeaways from the 2022 Esri User Conference

The Esri User Conference is always an exciting time for the GIS community, but this year’s installment in San Diego was especially exciting for BlackSky.

Thousands of people from all over the world attended the world’s largest GIS conference, eager to learn the latest advancements for applying location-based analytics in their organizations. As BlackSky Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Karl Terrey observed, the attendees “showed up to get things done” – to which, the BlackSky team was happy to oblige.

BlackSky was excited to reveal its new, cloud-based BlackSky Tasking for ArcGIS Online application. It is the industry’s first on-demand, dynamic satellite tasking app that enables Esri ArcGIS Online users to task a BlackSky satellite to receive imagery directly into their Esri organization. You can read all about it here.


 Here are our four key takeaways from the 2022 Esri User Conference:

  1. Real-time GIS is a business imperative. Timely information for critical decision-making is the top priority for the GIS leaders we spoke with at the conference. They are continuously searching for innovative ways to get the best information possible to ensure business and mission success – and are keen to move beyond traditional imagery offerings, such as solutions that only update once or twice annually.
  2. Mobile matters. GIS leaders need mobile, cloud-based workflows without extra time- and resource-draining tools. BlackSky Tasking for ArcGIS Online fits their criteria perfectly. Our app enables users to get information faster (often within hours or days) and leverage it to make better decisions. Since BlackSky Tasking for ArcGIS Online is cloud-based, users get easy satellite tasking in the field – right where they need it. Find out more about the BlackSky and ArcGIS Online integration here.
  3. Imagery and location-based data are must-haves. Organizations depend on multiple types of imagery and data to make the best decisions. But typically, GIS professionals work with imagery that is up to three years old and infrequently updated. BlackSky delivers the satellite imagery they need, which can easily supplement aerial imagery, SAR, drone imagery, and other solutions. Learn more about BlackSky On-Demand, Site Monitoring and BlackSky Tasking for ArcGIS Online.
  4. AI is enabling better business decision making. While GIS professionals need imagery and data that is relevant for decision-making, they are often inundated with both. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, they are better able to parse through and analyze the information that is essential for optimal decision-making. This includes auto-detecting objects, like vessels and aircraft, and analyzing ports, airports, and other important sites. We’ve got those bases covered too, with BlackSky Detect and BlackSky AI Accelerator.

Our time at the 2022 Esri User Conference reinforced the fact that BlackSky’s platform is delivering the imagery, analytics, and strategic insights that organizations need to gain a first-to-know advantage to drive smart decision-making.

BlackSky extends a big thank you to Esri, the conference organizers, and attendees for a successful Esri User Conference 2022!